Otto Bremer Trust awards $50,000 to Steele County Clothesline

OWATONNA — The Otto Bremer Trust announced a $50,000 grant for the Steele County Clothesline.

“As a charitable trust, we support organizations whose work delivers measurable value in advancing individual and community potential,” said Lue Her, Regional Director of the Otto Bremer Trust. “We are thrilled that they will be using these funds to provide services to under-served families and to expand their impact in Steele County. We hope other corporations, foundations and individuals will support this important and innovative program.”

The Steele County Clothesline has a long history of helping Steele County residents transition to something better, whether they are unemployed or underemployed, as well as others who will never transition due to mental illness or disabilities. They help individuals retain as much of their independence as possible, which contributes to their overall quality of life.

Clients of the Steele County Clothesline have expressed their gratitude in numerous ways. “My family appreciates all that the Clothesline has done for us. Besides the material items, which of course are appreciated, the kindness we experience from the staff and volunteers is wonderful. We are lucky to have this organization in our community.” Others have received help when they needed it most and are now in a place where they can volunteer and help others.

Over 600 families are served by the Steele County Clothesline. This includes over 1,000 children who are under 17. Some come to the Steele County Clothesline homeless simply looking for the most basic of needs. Since January, the Clothesline has given out almost 38,000 items. The organization relies on its volunteers who have volunteered almost 1500 hours since the beginning of the year. To learn more, visit their website at

“We are thrilled to have received the continued support of the Otto Bremer Trust. We are proud to have partnered with them since 2013. This grant helps our organization continue to serve our community by providing free clothing and small household items to individuals and families in need throughout the Steele County area,” said Maureen Schlobohm, executive director of the Steele County Clothesline.