Board Members

Brian Bentley Board President I enjoy making a difference in the lives of people in our community that have an unmet need that our community wants to match. This is accomplished by the community donating to our organization their time, money and clothing. Every month we get to hear the success stories of serving nearly 500 families each month and distributing nearly 9,000 articles of clothing each month for free.
Steve Nelson Board Vice President I enjoy working with a group of people who are truly committed to the Clothesline mission of “providing free clothing and small kitchen appliances to Steele County residents in need”. Board members are always looking for new and better ways to serve this mission.
Bobbi Jo Fleming Board Secretary The Clothesline is a unique organization in that it provides free clothing and household items to those community members who need it, whether it be a one time crisis, emergency, disaster or to those community members who need the help longer term. Some of these individuals have given back to the Clothesline in the form of donating clothing or their time. I have heard stories to the effect of, "I needed your help once and now I try to give back when I can." It is also unique in the fact that the Owatonna community has supported this organization for over 50 years in the form of clothing and household donations, monetary donations, and volunteering time at the store. Some people do have the misconception that the Steele County Clothesline receives funding from Steele County itself. That is not the case. The organization in large part has been able to keep its doors open due to the generosity of the community.
Malissa Levy Board Treasurer
Diane Hendricks I absolutely believe in the impact the Clothesline makes on our community/county and feel as a Board Member I am able to be involved in making the decisions that will bring about positive changes so we can continue to meet the needs of our clients. I also volunteer at the Clothesline and am able to share that perspective with the Board. I consider the opportunity to serve others a privilege. Because I also volunteer at the Clothesline, I see and hear how our clients appreciate this service. Each time I am there I hear their stories - people who wouldn't have a winter coat if it weren't for the Clothesline, an expectant Mom so happy that she has some clothing for her baby, children who are thrilled with their school clothes/school supplies...the list goes on and on. What a blessing to be able to help these folks.
Mark Rahrick
Betty Quiring
Hildie Kehler I started on the Clothesline Board as a representative from the Women’s Club of Owatonna (who were instrumental in starting the Clothesline in 1962). After a year I was asked to come a board member and have enjoyed working with dedicated people who see the need for this service in Steele County. When I volunteer at the Clothesline I’m amazed how many families come in for help during a difficult time in their lives. It also is heartening to see how many people cheerfully bring in donations.